Our Story

Every good story has some irresistible elements, like well-crafted drama combined with a sophisticated version of classic climax. It keeps us at the edge of our seats, eagerly waiting for the final action.

It is the same with good food. It engages all your senses. You cannot wait to savour the next taste as the flavours explode in your mouth, starting with your visual and olfactory senses. Although it never lasts, but assures you a special moment you will long for, once again. Our venture into this immersive food saga is very simple. After reading the book ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’, our foodie heart and a bibliophilic mind zinged us to choose our motivation. We believe it's much easier to stay foolish than to stay hungry. What else would you expect from food lovers?

Over a Vada-Pav and Cutting Chai, we decided to give up our jobs and set on a path to make food. And….. Make it interesting. And hence, Chutneys - flavourful piquancy, that are a must to our array of dishes. Can you remember the last time you ate a Samosa without a Chutney, or a Dahi Bhalla without Saunth, or an Idli without Coconut Chutney, or a Paratha without a Pudine ki Chutney?

Spice Story. The widest range ever presented by any brand of spicy, zesty, fun-filled Chutneys & Sauces that bring every meal and snack time to life with new exciting tastes and flavours. Our Chutneys depict the tangy culture and saccharine tradition of every kitchen across India. Each one with a brand-new twist that keeps you guessing about its preparation – leaving you craving for more. Every single-time.

No matter how you slice and dice it, food and love are inextricably tied. We hope to cater to that everlasting love with our zesty offering. We hope you support our endeavour by trying us and sending us your valuable feedback. Tell us your stories, so we can add them to our memoirs. And for the finale, Spice Story - what could be better than a name of a food brand than one that makes your taste buds tingle – and compels all your senses to be alive. Lots of love and hope, Som & Gayatri

Lots of love and hope,

Som & Gayatri